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"Advising sensible savings solutions"


What colleagues have to say about Tony "T.J." Morice

"TJ is a pleasure to work with. I find him to be an expert in his area of forest products. He is an asset to his employer, a great business partner, and an all around nice guy." 

Lake States Marketing Manager a colleague in the forestry space

"....T.J. took my search for the right facility very seriously and listened very intently as I explained what I needed for space and functionality.....When it comes to commercial real estate I would recommend T.J.  He's a true professional."

President of Wisconsin business advised and serviced

"TJ has been a professional colleague, collaborator and friend. His demeanor, intelligence, wisdom and work-ethic is world-class. TJ's network and the respect he is given for the contributions both at Marth and in the bio-energy world are enviable. I am privileged to claim him as part of my circle."

Professor, Business Development/Energy Specialist at University of Wisconsin and industry colleague

"I worked with T.J. on a commercial real estate sale; he was great to work with, professional, honest, dependable and very responsive to any issues!"

Successful 40+ year Wausau business community member

"It has always been a pleasure to work with Tony. He has a deep understanding of business, is very proactive regarding overall industry needs, and he is both honest and respectful. Few people I have ever worked with have such a high combination of skills."

West Coast Biomass Facility VP working together in trade associations 

Allow us to facilitate thoughts in often overlooked areas of opportunity

Advising Sensible Saving Solutions

Isn't it worth a conversation to be sure money isn't left on the table?

Contact me with an email or a phone call.  I endeavor to return calls withing 24 hours depending on travel schedules.

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